About The Green Man

He came to life in many cultures from the shadowy, forested world of early man. He made his way through the ages in folklore, songs, stone carvings in cathedrals and art in humble cottages. The Green Man is known to many as the Spirit of the Natural World, but takes on many different roles. Today, he is the unofficial voice for the environment.

This festival brings the Green Man into the present where he returns to remind us that while concern for our environment is important, it's only a beginning until followed with personal action. You will be able to speak with others who share your values, contribute some ideas, listen to the music, and learn what others are doing to help locally restore the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and globally, our Mother Earth.

The Green Man is out there
waiting for you
just outside of view

He is ancient
and he is everywhere the ground absorbs.
His eyes are that of the birds,
and the deer and the beetle.

His ears are in the cupped leaves
that turn in every direction.

His voice is in the smallest breeze
and the mighty wind.

He has called those who know him well
to gather in the Center
on the 10th and 11th days of May
To bring their spirits,
and hand made offerings,
their songs and poems,
and share stories of possibility and hope.

He calls to you to join in the celebration
and leave behind for a day or more your troubles, anxieties and uncertainties.

He whispers that you can find again
the simplest of answers, clear pathways
and lightest steps upon his living fabric.

Open your senses and you will know him.
He will welcome you back to earth.

The 10th annual Green Man Festival ~ May 10th and 11th
Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt Maryland
To learn more go to greenbeltgreenmanfestival.org
or write to greenbeltgreen_man@live.com


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